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Emospaces Ontology
Implementation of a Visualization module for Agent-based Social Simulations
Bayesian Reasoning for fault diagnosis over a controller of SDN
Implementation of a messaging module for Smart Space Automation
Development of a system for sleep disorder characterization
Development of an affective analysis system for football matches in Twitter
Soil Visualization Jihadist Network
Cognitive Computing Agent integrated in Joomla
Cognitive computing for Developers of Mobile Applications
Sentiment Analysis of Lyrics for the Musical Industry
Detection of Sexual Predators
Deep Learning Based Sentiment Analysis and Evaluation Service
Development of a classifier of radical tweets using machine learning algorithms
EMOSPACES - Smart Office Demo
GSICrawler Demo
Demo Happymap, a Sefarad dashboard
Emotion Aware Task Automation Platform
Multievent and Multiaction Task Automation Platform
Demo RAMEN - Visualization of Social Simulations