URL: EscapeSim

Developers: Emilio Serrano

Description:  EscapeSim is based on UbikSim and specializes in the disposal problem, improving programming facilities in this environment.


URL: UbikSim

Developers: Emilio Serrano

Description: UbikSim is an agent based social simulation environment, which provides facilities for simulation in buildings.


Description:  "Shanks with MASON" is a framework to simulate different network scenarios in order to add autonomic capabilities using MASON simulation framework.


Description: OPAL is an opinion mining app, that analyses comments and determines if they are positive or negative.


Description:  Episteme is a creator of opportunities for companies is to generate collaborative business.


Developers: Miguel Coronado, Alejandro Marqués, Javier Herrera

Description:  GSIBot is a framework intended for developing, testing and deploying chatterbot based on AIML technology.


Description:  Scrappy is an intermediary that provides access to the semantic web for abstracting tasks such as information extraction and recursive tracking


Description:  Gi2MO project is the introduction of Semantic Web technologies in environment Idea Management Systems.


Description:  The aim of this project is the development of a system which allows Behavior Driven Development (BDD) in Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), to make testing practices more accessible and intuitive to everybody.


Description:  GSI Paper Trader is a stock market investment simulator ("paper trading") intended for users with no or very basic notions of this kind of operations.


URL: No hay versiones públicas disponibles.

Developers: José Ignacio Fernández, Jacobo Blasco, Ignacio Mendizábal, Daniel Quilón

Description:  News-Contenidos a la carta focuses on the field of press releases and the problems of a content provider as EFE, first Spanish news agency.


Descripción:  Sistema de microblogging orientado a los mercados financieros. Cliente para smartphones Android.


Description:  Platform of agents oriented to deal with communications protocols.



Developers: Julio Camarero Puras, Luis Sepúlveda, Alejandro López Fernández, Sergio García Lobo, Luis Delgado Romera, Juan Luis Molina Nogales

Description:  Platform for managing disaster information using the web2.0 and intelligent techniques.


Description:  Open Platform for Development and Deployment of Components Telco VoIP Services.


Description:  The library GSI-Robocup is a Java-based environment that allows the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in JESS code, with which you can play on a server Robocup Soccer Server .


Description:  Dime is an open source domain specific language (DSL) created in order to create voice apps in an easy way.


Descripción:  VoteSim is a UbikSim library which allows developers to reason about the use of social choice theory, i.e. voting methods, in Ambient Intelligence systems, which can improve significantly users’ satisfaction when accessing shared resources. 

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